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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Fear of Succeeding or Just Plain Laziness...

or Could It Be Both?

This week I'm exploring the fear and how to squish it.

We set our goal(s) with excitement, determination, and the plan of arriving to the finish line. But over time we lose the drive to continue, we lose focus, we get lazy. We've tasted a bit of success, we get comfortable, and we start to think this is good enough.

I started reading Your Best Life Now, 90 Devotions for Living at Your Full Potential by Joel Osteen this morning. I've had this book for a couple years but I've never opened it. I was going through my library of books this morning and this was the first one that caught my eye. I read the first devotion "Let's Start Believing For More".  Now if that wasn't Gods hand at work...

What I learned from this devotion.

- You are made for more than "good enough."

- God has so much more in store for you.

- Dare to step out of your comfort zone.

- Keep pursuing and keep believing. It doesn't take any more effort to believe and stay filled with faith than it takes to develop a negative and defeated attitude.

The Work

Look at yourself in the mirror and say, "I am not going to settle for mediocrity. I am going to trust in God to help me expand my horizons and keep believing for all that He has for me. I'm going to make it all the way into my promise land".

That's an affirmation that should be repeated.

Speaking of Gods hand at work, this was on my facebook feed today from The Daily Love.

I love when God (the Universe, Law of Attraction, what ever you want to call it) shows up to let you know. Yep I'm here.

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Barb said...

Beautiful! I know I struggle with self-sabotage at times when I'm about to do something that stretches me.

Thanks for sharing this at Motivation Monday! Hope to see you next week.