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Friday, October 24, 2008

Look Fabulous in Photos

One of the things I hated more then anything were photos of myself. But then I realized If I had been more open to the picture being taken of myself maybe I would have seen it sooner. Maybe the last ten years wouldn't have been lost. I'm not going to harp on the past but I'm not going to let the past be repeated. My forties are going to be documented with photos and lots of them.

Look Fabulous in Photos

I've done some research and I have found several great tips and tricks to looking FABULOUS in photos. I've tested them out and was really surprised how much they helped. You’ll never say “I look horrible in pictures” again.

1. Straighten you neck, relax your shoulders, and then push you chin out and slightly downward. Place the tip of your tongue behind you top front teeth as you smile to relax facial muscles.

2. Smile back, not up. This will help avoid the wrinkles around your eyes. Try it you'll see what I'm talking about.

3. Show your top teeth only. I don't think I've ever seen a flattering picture with both the top and the bottom teeth are showing.

4. Relax and DO NOT say "Cheese". See tip number 3.

5. When in a seated group. DO NOT lean in towards others, sit up straight.

6. Always look slightly above the lens of the camera.

7. Position your body 45 degrees from the camera. Turn your head towards the lens. Cross one foot in front of the other and put all your weight on your back leg. Place your arms either on your hips and/or away from your body with your hands facing down. This pose is very slimming.

8. If you're holding a drink, put it down.

9. Smile with your eyes.

10. Relax your face and body right before the shot by breathing out.

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