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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bet Your MASS off Weight Loss Challenge!

I'm so excited because I started a weight loss challenge with twelve other women this evening. So for the next three month I'm going to be very motivated to eat healthy and exercise. This is perfect for the holidays as I tend to go off my healthy eating and cut back on the exercise during these months with the excuse "it's only once a year". Well not this year.

We are going to meet up once a month to weigh in as well as in between meetup to motivate, go for walks, dance classes, etc.... The person who looses the most percent wins. It's like the biggest looser.

The group I'm doing this with is a group on meetup.com. A year ago when I started this blog one of the things I did was I made an effort to go out more. Have fun. Stop hiding indoors. I work at home so I really needed to get out more. I'm so glad I did. I've met some wonderful people and having a fabulous time.


Sue said...

Great idea. I should start a challenge with my friends. Good luck to you.

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