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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Year, New Me - "I Can"

I'm not big on New Years resolutions, never have been. When I was younger I never followed through with any of the resolutions I made so I just stopped making them. But and I know I'm not suppose to start with but, but I think not only am I going to make a New Years resolution I'm going to make several. This past year I've really accomplished more then I've ever thought possible. I've lost fifty pounds. I started exercising a little over a year ago and I haven't thrown in the towel. I like myself again. I have faith now that I can follow through with my resolutions.

My new years motto is "I can"

This is what "I can" do...

1. Continue to eat healthy. - Easy "I can" so do that.

2. Continue to exercise. - Easy "I can" so do that.

3. Put myself on a Budget. - Not so easy but "I can" do that.

4. Follow through with school. I'm going back to school if Feb. I'm really excited about this but I am also a little scared I might be taking on to much. - "I can" do that.

OK, I so can do all that.


Amy said...

Hi Kelly!!

Just wanted to stop by and say hello!
So wonderful to meet other friends that are on the same journey!

Looking forward to reading more!

Hugs.. Amy

mrs. b. said...

wow, good for you! cheering you on as far as your new resolutions go and "i can" is an excellent motto!

ps. i love your blog background!

Toni said...

Congrats on the life changes, resutls, and goals!

Also, you've been awarded The Lemonade Stand Award @ CArrigan's Joy! http://tiny.cc/TVcSH

Sicara said...

Congrats on all the changes! I've recently started using the Wii Fit daily ... really helped me to start exercising more ... keep it up!