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Thursday, January 31, 2013

9 Great Reasons to Floss

1. Bad Breath

Food and plaque built up between teeth can contribute to halitosis, which causes bad breath. No matter how much you brush your teeth, only flossing as well can prevent this.

2. Gingivitis Risk

Since the gum disease gingivitis starts in the gums, flossing plays a crucial parting in preventing your chance of getting it. Gingivitis can also lead to the gum retracting disease periodontitis.

3. Stains

Teeth staining substances such as coffee, tea, or smoking not only on get the surface of your teeth, but in between as well. Stains can still occur on your teeth if they are not properly flossed.

4. Cavity Risk

Tooth decay often starts between the teeth, where cleaning is usually neglected. Flossing in addition to brushing regularly will drastically reduce your cavity risk.

5. Dental Work Deterioration

Even if they do floss regularly, some people often neglect flossing areas around crowns and implants. Just as much attention, if not more, should be given to these areas as the rest of the mouth.

6. Gum Disease

Flossing completes the cleaning process of your gums after brushing. Without flossing, you have a much higher risk of bleeding of the gums, and/or gum disease.

7. Heart Disease

New studies have proven gum disease can even lead to heart disease. Removing plaque and tending to you teeth completely could help prevent this.

8. Bacteria

There are over 500 types of bacteria that thrive in your mouth. Many of these bacteria thrive especially well between your teeth, where only flossing can get to them and remove them.

9. A Brighter Smile

Flossing has been proven to reduce staining, and keep your teeth looking bright and clean, especially if you smoke or drink teeth staining beverages. Flossing should be in your daily routine of dental hygiene.

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