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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Respect Your Money

Do you balance your debit account regularly?
Is your wallet organized?
Do you think before you make a purchase?

If you answered yes to all of the questions, then congratulations you respect your money.

If you answered no to any one of the questions, then you do not respect your money.

Today take the time to balance your account(s). Then once a week set a day and time to keep your account(s) balanced. 

Don't stuff your cash and receipts into your wallet, pockets or purse. Organize your cash in your wallet. Small bills to large, all facing the same way. Show some respect to your hard earned money.

Keep your receipts organized in your wallet so when it comes time to balance your account(s) you have all your receipts all in one place.

From now on think before you buy (big or small). Ask yourself, do I really need this? What benefit will I be getting out of this purchase? Do I already have one and do I really need another one? Can I get a deal somewhere else by taking the time to do some research. Is there a coupon for that?

By respecting your money you are letting the universe know that you respect money and you are open to receiving more.

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