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Friday, August 2, 2013

Meditation Help with Apps and Podcasts

On the first day of the Meditation Challenge I had to revise my plan. The morning guided meditation with the Relax app went well but the afternoon non-guided with Simple Meditation, set at 10 minutes, music only, not so much. 

By the afternoon my mind was just running and trying to get it to quiet down was not happening with the music only meditation. I decided to do the Simple MeditationDissolving Into Sound Meditation with the voice and plus music setting to help. Changing the afternoon meditation did help and I will continue to use that until I'm able to meditate with out the help of the apps. 

This morning after doing my meditation I remembered a guided meditation/hypnosis I use to do years ago that I just loved. It's a twenty minute guided meditation I found on itunes podcasts. You can find it by going to the itunes store and under podcasts search Free Hypnosis Meditations for Relaxation and Positive Thinking. It's the one provided by NetGems and read by Alex Wilson. I'm going to add this to my afternoon meditations on days I really need the extra minutes. 

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